How To Cancel AFLAC Insurance Online [UPDATE]

Are you able to find a better insurance policy, or have you changed your mind about insurance? Whatever it is that you are looking to do, if you wish to end your AFLAC insurance and you’re looking for a way to do it, then you’re at the right place since here you’re getting all the information you need.

AFLAC also known as American Family Life Assurance Company is without doubt the biggest insurance company (supplemental) across the US. the policies offered in the plans include Vision and hospital Coverage, Life Insurance, Short-Term Disability, Cancer, Accident, Critical Illness, and Dental. Anyone who is in the US seeking insurance is advised to look over AFLAC policies.

If you want to remove or cancel your AFLAC insurance, simply dial their customer service number and ask for cancellation. You can also make the option of filling out an online cancellation application on the official site and then submitting it. Customer support will review your request and then process it following which you’ll get a positive response.

To learn more about ways to get your AFLAC insurance cancelled we recommend that you continue reading as you will learn everything about it below.

Cancel AFLAC Insurance

How To Cancel AFLAC Insurance?

Because there many method to terminate the AFLAC insurance, we’ll go over each one in this article to make it easy for you to determine which option you’d prefer to pursue.

How To Cancel AFLAC Insurance Over The Phone?

Let’s first examine the fastest and easiest method to cancel your insurance plan with AFLAC that is the call method.

  • All you need to make is dial 800 9923522 from your mobile and you’ll be connected to an AFLAC Insurance customer service agents from AFLAC Insurance who you can contact and request to end your membership.
  • They’ll ask for your personal information as well as the Insurance Policy number, so make sure you have this information with you prior to calling so that nobody’s time gets wasted.
  • Once you have provided the agent with the required information, they will proceed with the cancellation of your insurance. You will receive an email confirmation for the same. However, insist on them providing you with an insurance policy prior to the cancellation.

Keep in mind that customer support accessible all day long however, you should contact them between 8 am between 8 am and 8 PM Eastern Time if you want someone from customer service to contact you. Otherwise, only their voice-to-text system will be able to answer your phone that is accessible throughout the day.

How To Cancel AFLAC Insurance Online?

We understand why you’re not happy with the previous method of cancellation to your AFLAC insurance, and you are now reading this.

Since you don’t like calling someone, especially in situations where you don’t have a connection with them and you’re calling them to help you with your job.

For everyone else there is good news that online cancellation is also available to them.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow if you are planning to end you AFLAC coverage online.

  • 1. Use a web browser to access your device, and then go over to the main website of AFLAC.
  • 2. Visit your Contact Customer Service page of their website.
  • 3. You will find an application form that requires you fill in your contact information and the number of your insurance policy.
  • 4. Then, you must select the form of the request as the one for cancellation to your insurance policy.
  • 5. In the “request” section, you must state that you wish to have your current policy cancelled.
  • 6. Once all the information on the form have been filled in when you are done, hit”Submit.

When you have submitted your cancellation request, your work is completed. Their customer support team will review your request and follow up and you’ll soon be notified of the successful cancellation from your policy.

How To Cancel Employer-Provided AFLAC Policy?

If you’re currently covered by your employer-provided insurance from AFLAC and you are not, these methods aren’t suitable for cancellation. If this is the scenario, you’ll have to discuss with your HR department at work concerning the issue, and then will be required to complete a form to submit cancellation requests.

If you are covered under an after-tax employer-paid insurance your insurance coverage will cease when your desired month is over. In the event that you have pretax insurance, it will expire on the beginning of the next year.


If You Cancel Aflac Do You Get Money Back?

You can receive your money back once you have cancelled Aflac insurance, if your life insurance policy has the cash value. This amount of cash will go back to the policyholder following the cancellation. The cancellation of your insurance contract with Aflac does not guarantee you any refund pro-rated.

What Is Aflac Policy Cancellation Form?

If you are looking to end your Aflac policy, filling out an cancellation form and then submitting it to officials will take care of the task. Start by opening the the form for cancellation of Aflac and fill in all the necessary information provided in this form, and then send it in order to complete the cancellation of your policy.

Wrapping Up

It is now moment to end this article since we believe we have already covered all the aspects relating to cancelling your insurance with AFLAC.

We hope you’ve had success in cancelling your policy. You may also have discovered a better solution to this. However, if you reconsider your decision and decide to cancel your policy, come to us for help.