How to Cancel Hims Subscription Online [UPDATE]

If you feel that the telehealth services that you’re receiving through your Hims subscription do not merit the amount you pay each month or if your problem is already resolved that you were signed up for at all Then you must swiftly remove your Hims subscription to ensure that you don’t have to shell out money for services you do not need any more.

People who give the highest importance to their overall health and well-being and continue to purchase related products frequently ought to sign up for a subscription. They will receive discounts and superior services, allowing them to reduce their expenses and buy items easily. Hims is one of these services that offers a no-cost delivery for all items ordered with prescriptions.

For cancellation of the Hims subscription, go to their Subscriptions section on the website. If you’re unable to locate the option to cancel, you can either call their customer service number to make a request for cancellation or contact them via the email addresses they have on their website.

There are some details you’ll need to submit to cancel your subscription, read this article to gather all the required details to ensure that there’s no issue when you are cancelling your subscription.

Cancel Hims Subscription

How Do I Cancel or delete My Hims Subscription?

There are several options that you can pick one option to get your Hims subscription terminated, we will go over each one of them in this article to ensure you can choose which one you consider to be the most suitable.

Make sure that you select one of the options, it that requires you to connect with the customer support representatives this means the process isn’t manual through any website or app You will be required to prove that you are the person who holds the account for the subscription you are seeking to cancel and you will have to prove your identity to the same.

Additionally in addition, you’ll be required to verify an order ID or shipment number to verify that you are the account holder for the subscription for which cancellation was requested. Therefore, make sure you have these documents at all times you go through in the process of terminating Your Hims subscription.

How To Cancel Hims Subscription On Online Website and App?

To end your Hims Subscription by hand, here’s what you need to do. Go through the steps below.

  • 1. Start a web browser on your device and go to the Hims’ official Hims website.
  • 2. Log into your account and click the Menu icon in the upper right side of the page.
  • 3. Select then the “Account” option from the black sidebar.
  • 4. You’ll see the “subscription” option at the top of the page at the bottom of the screen. click it.
  • 5. A listing of all your active subscriptions will be shown on the screen. You can then search for the one you want to unsubscribe from.
  • 6. Select”Manage” for your subscription you wish to manage and you’ll be taken to the Subscription information page.
  • 7. Next, select next, click on the “Get Help” option over there to open an option drop-down menu.
  • 8. Then, on the right side, you’ll choose of “cancel subscription” select that.

Follow the steps as instructed and your subscription will be cancelled. Make sure to note that this option can’t be accessible on the site for all residents. Therefore, if you don’t locate the cancellation option for your subscription, you’ll have to look to another option for cancelling your subscription.

How To Cancel Hims Subscription Over The Phone?

Contact the customer service of Hims If you would like to have to cancel your subscription from their service.

  • The phone number for Hims Customer Service is 800-368 0038. The service is accessible during the week between 5 a.m. until eight p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Therefore, you can contact anytime within the timeframe.
  • If you dial the number, you’ll be connected to a customer service agent who can declare that you would like to terminate your subscription with a rationale for the decision.
  • They may try to convince you to continue with your subscription, but beware of their shrewd arguments.
  • You will be required to supply certain information related in your Hims subscription. Give them the necessary information and allow them to proceed with the cancellation process.

Afterwards, your subscription will soon be terminated.

How To Cancel Hims Subscription Via Email?

If you’re not a phone-caller or a phone caller, you may select the emailing option to have your Hims subscription canceled.

  • In this instance it is necessary to write an email in which you should state that you wish to terminate your Hims subscription and provide a reason.
  • Include all the essential information regarding your Hims subscription, along with your contact information.
  • Then, you can send the email to their official email address, which will be When they read through the email, your application will be approved in a timely manner and the Hims subscription will be cancelled in accordance with the terms of your application. You will also be sent an email with confirmation.

How To Cancel Hims Subscription Via Social Media?

The Hims customer service team is represented on several social media platforms. You can get in touch with them if have any questions regarding their services, including the cancellation of your current Hims subscription.

  • You can follow them on Twitter and get in touch with Hims by tweeting @askforhims. You can also join Hims via Instagram via the Instagram username @hims.
  • Hims also have a Facebook page, so you can look them up there and request the cancellation of your subscription with Hims and they’ll most likely be able to be able to respond to your request.

Things to Consider Before Cancelling

When you are considering making the decision to cancel your Hims subscription There are some important points to take into consideration. It is important to take the time to consider these factors will help you to make the best choice for your health and finances.

Resting Product Supply

Think about how much you have left of Hims products you’ve left and if it’s a good idea to make use of them or give them away an individual who might benefit from these items. This will help you avoid unnecessary waste and help you are getting the most value from your money.

Ongoing Treatment Plans

If you’re making use of Hims products in conjunction with a treatment plan, speak to your physician prior to you decide to end your subscription. They might have suggestions for alternatives or strategies to assist you in continuing getting better.

Possible Discounts or offers

Before you cancel the Hims subscription, you should find out if there are discounts or promotions that would be worth staying signed up. Hims might offer discounts or other benefits to current customers, so make certain to take these considerations into account prior to making a decision.

Ultimate Goal

Consider your purpose in cancelling Hims subscription. Do you want just to cut costs, explore another item, or just the time to relax? Knowing your motives will help determine your choice and ensure that you’re satisfied with the results.

Confirming Cancellation and Keeping Documentation

  • After you have successfully cancelled the Hims subscription, you must that you confirm your cancellation to Hims and keep evidence of your request. This will ensure you won’t be being charged additional fees or subscriptions in the future.
  • To confirm cancelation, Hims typically sends an email confirmation or message. Be sure to check your inbox email or spam folder for this message and keep it to prove your cancellation.
  • If you are unable to locate your confirmation mail, contact Hims customer service and request confirmation of your cancellation. They’ll be able give you the required information and evidence.
  • It is also suggested to capture a photo of the confirmation page or keep a record that the time and date of the time of the cancellation. This could be used as proof in the event of need at a later time.

Controlling Subscriptions and Opt-Out Options

The option of cancelling the Hims subscription doesn’t mean you have to choose the most appropriate option to you. If you’re thinking about cancelling your subscription because you’re not satisfied with the quality of the product or its price it’s a good idea to consider other options before you do. Here are some suggestions to control your subscription preferences:

  • Restart your subscription If you’re unsure about cancelling your subscription completely, you might consider stopping the subscription. This will let you stop the service, while keeping your account as well as any accrued benefits.
  • Explore other merchandise: Hims offers a vast selection of products for personal care. If you’re not happy with your current choices try another product to see what it can do to meet your requirements.
  • Get professional advice: If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible for an Hims subscription or what products will be most beneficial for you take a look at speaking with your doctor or licensed professional.

If you choose to end the subscription you have signed up to, then you might be able to opt out of any marketing emails from Hims. This could help decrease the amount that promotional messages you get and help keep your inbox efficient.

Notification: You can access your subscription preferences as well as marketing communication preferences through the Hims Account settings. Make sure to check the options regularly to ensure they are in line with your objectives and preferences.

Alternatives to Cancelling

If you’re thinking of cancelling your Hims subscription There are a few alternatives you could consider before you make the final decision.

Stop Your Subscription If you’re temporarily unable to continue you Hims subscription, then you are able to stop your account from 3 months. This will allow you to keep your account information and product information on file without having to pay for the period of pause.

Explore Other Options: Hims offers a vast array of products to treat different health and wellness issues. If you’re not content with your current treatment or treatment, you may consider other options that might be better suited to your requirements.

Get professional guidance: If you have doubts or questions about the health of your body, it’s recommended to speak with a doctor. Hims offers telemedicine that allow users to connect to licensed health professionals for individualized treatment options.

In any event, it’s essential to think about your options before deciding to cancel the Hims subscription. Through exploring alternatives and options, you might be able to choose a solution that matches your lifestyle and needs.

How To View My Hims Subscriptions?

If you’d like to know the subscriptions you’ve purchased on Hims Here’s how to do in this situation.

  • 1. Use a browser to access the internet on your device, then go to the Hims official Hims website.
  • 2. Log in to your Hims account.
  • 3. On the top right-hand edge of your screen click at the Menu icon on your account.
  • 4. The black sidebar that appears on the screen. choose “Account” from the list of choices.
  • 5. In the following page, you will need to select”Subscriptions” on the next page “Subscriptions” option from the menu at the top of the page.

Once you have done this, all active subscriptions you have purchased via that Hims account will appear at the top of your screen.


What would be the reasons to stop an Hims subscription?

A: There are many reasons to end the Hims subscription. The most common reasons are frustration with the effectiveness of the product and personal preferences or cost concerns.

How do I verify the conditions and terms for the terms and conditions of my Hims subscription?

To verify the conditions and terms for the terms and conditions of your Hims subscription, go to your personal account's settings via the Hims app or website. Find the section that outlines cancellation policies notice period, cancellation policies, or any fees applicable.

How do I reach Hims customer service to end my subscription?

You have a variety of methods to reach Hims customer support to cancel your subscription. Contact them by email, phone or via live chat. Be sure to communicate clearly and supply the required information to help you

What should I look at before deciding to end my Hims subscription?

Prior to cancelling the Hims subscription, you need to think about factors like remaining product supplies and ongoing treatment plans and any possible discounts or promotions from Hims which you might be losing by cancelling

How do you confirm that I have cancelled and keep the proof

For confirmation of your cancellation, you must receive an email confirmation from Hims. It is also recommended to take pictures or keep any pertinent documents to prove the cancellation request

How do control my memberships? unsubscribe from marketing communications from Hims

If you wish be able to control the subscriptions you have or opt out of marketing emails from Hims login to your account, then navigate to the appropriate settings. You'll be able to modify your preferences, or opt-out of marketing emails

Wrapping Up

We wish you the best and hope that you’ll effortlessly be able to get your Hims subscription canceled through the platform, regardless of whether you wish to cancel just one membership or the entire subscription. The procedures stay the same. If you encounter difficulties with cancelling your subscription, please get in touch with us for assistance.