How To Cancel Chuze Fitness Membership Online [UPDATE]

You’ve probably got an Chuze Membership with affordable costs to ensure your fitness and health maintenance. Are you happy with the service provided by Chuze?

If you do not want to stay with Chuze then we’ll be able to assist you with cancelling the Chuze membership. Chuze is a favorite with fitness enthusiasts because it offers gym memberships at affordable and low cost.

Members have access to all facilities for gyms and other amenities offered by Chuze and choose their schedules for training and classes. Members can also sign up to their own Chuze application to keep informed about specials and promotions.

If you wish to end the membership you have with Chuze then you may cancel it by going to any local Chuze gym and filling out a cancellation form. You could also mail an application for cancellation to the gym via an official mailer. This will allow you to cancel your membership.

Cancel Chuze Fitness Membership

Chuze Fitness Membership Plans And Charges

Chuze offers three membership plans, and you are able to choose the one which is most suitable for your needs. The membership plans are low costs to ensure that fitness and health training is accessible to everyone. The membership plans are Basic Premium, Premium, and more.

Chuze Fitness Basic Membership Chuze Fitness Basic Membership is priced at $9.99 each for one individual. In this membership, you can enjoy single club access with specific equipment and classes. This membership plan, called iChuze Fitness membership is priced at $5.99/month.

It is available for purchase at Chuze Fitness Premium Membership is priced at $21.99 per person. This membership plan gives you with the ability to access all Chuze locations with additional benefits and privileges that the Standard Membership. It is available for purchase at iChuze Fitness membership is accessible for $5.99/month.

Chuze Fitness More Membership Chuze Fitness More Membership can be purchased for $39.99 for a single person. The membership also gives the ability to access all Chuze locations along with additional advantages and benefits. This membership is available for free. iChuze Fitness membership is offered at no cost.

How Can I Cancel My Chuze Membership Online? Chuze Membership Cancellation Policy

You must remove your Chuze membership by going to the gym in your area. Members must fill out the form to cancel their membership. They should ensure that they send a cancellation notification 10 days before their next date for billing.

  • To end the terms of your Chuze membership, you’ll be required to complete an cancelation form and then include the details including you name and the reasons behind the cancellation of your membership, as well as your signature. Be sure to give them the details of your account and membership.
  • If but in a position to not visit at your nearest Chuze gym, then you are able to submit your membership cancelation form directly to the address of your gym using an official mail. Make a note of all the information about your membership as well as the other information you need to know and send it to the gym address.
  • As per Chuze’s cancellation policy, customers must give 10 days ‘ notice prior to the date of their next billing.
  • You can’t cancel your gym membership if there are still owed charges. If you’re a member with an annual membership and want to cancel your membership prior to the 12 month period, then you may be forced to pay the charge of around $50.

If you’re a brand new Chuze member Chuze and decide to terminate you account in the initial five days of joining, you will be given a full reimbursement.

Cancel My Recurring IChuze Fitness Subscription On App

If you’re making use of Chuze, and you are using the Chuze application and would like to end the recurring subscription, it’s possible on the internet.

  • 1. You’ll need to verify your credentials, then Log into into IChuze. IChuze account.
  • 2. Navigate through My Account in the My Account section from the Dashboard located at on the right side of your screen.
  • 3. Select the option for billing. Select the option, and then look to find your subscriber plan.
  • 4. Click “Cancel Your Membership”, to close the subscription.

ichuzefitness Customer Support

Phone Number

  • (888) 251-1346
  • (619) 297-7005
  • (760) 434-7704
  • (760) 746-5312



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Can I Cancel My Chuze Membership Online?

There is no way to end your Chuze membership on the internet. Visit your local gym to remove your membership. If you're unable to attend a meeting in person, you are able to send the information about your membership together with your cancellation request by certified mail or via fax. If you've installed an Chuze application installed on your device and you have bought the subscription, you are able to cancel your subscription online, as described in the previous paragraph.

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel Chuze Membership?

If you decide to cancel your Chuze membership before the commitment period has expired, you'll be assessed an additional $50 cancellation cost. You must provide a 10-day notice before your membership cancellation. In addition, if you're new to Chuze and you are a new member, then you will receive a full refund.

Who is the owner of Chuze Fitness?

The Chuze Fitness and Bailey's Fitness owners, Cory Brightwell and Darryl and David Bailey, have worked in the same business for more than eight years, sharing the best practices and establishing collaborative relationships.

Wrap Up

If you’re in search of extraordinary fitness equipment, training, and other advantages with a reasonable price, Chuze is the best choice for you.

However, if you’ve tried Chuze membership and aren’t satisfied or need to end your membership because of a different reason then go through the cancellation process we have discussed in more detail.

Visit their official site or visit the local Chuze gym if have additional questions about the Chuze gym and representatives will assist you.

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