How To Cancel My Mediacom Service [UPDATE]

Did you choose Mediacom to get your internet connection or cable TV? Are you pleased with the speed of internet or cable and phone services? If for any reason you’re now contemplating termination of Mediacom and you are in need of assistance, we can assist you in canceling your service by offering you simple and efficient measures.

Mediacom is a cable TV company that also offers telephone and internet service plans. The entertainment and communications services they provide are extensively used by households as well as businesses. You can browse their internet plans as well as cable television costs and then choose the plan that best suits your needs. If you have already signed up for it but want to unsubscribe right now, then it’s simple to do.

You can quickly remove your Mediacom service via the Live Chat feature by contacting their representative. Another option for cancellation of service is via contact the Customer Support department via phone.

Cancel My Mediacom Service

How Much Does Mediacom Internet Cost?

You can pick from the various Internet packages offered by Mediacom in accordance with your requirements for internet.

Internet Plans Charges
Internet 100 $19.99/month
Internet 200 $39.99/month
Internet 400 $49.99/month
Internet 1 GIG $59.99/month

Internet 100 is a plan that Internet 100package is available for purchase at a an annual cost that is $19.99 and you receive approximately 100Mbps for internet bandwidth. Its Internet 200 plan is $39.99/month and you can avail the capacity of 200Mbps for internet bandwidth. Internet 400plan Internet 400plan is available at $49.99/month and it gives users 400Mbps for internet connection. Internet 1 GIG is a plan that costs $59.99 per month. Internet 1GIG plan costs $59.99/month and you will receive the speed of 1000 Mbps.

How Do I Cancel My Mediacom Service?

You can cancel your Mediacom service on the official website or by calling their support number.

Cancel Mediacom Online

  • 1. To make a cancellation online, visit Mediacom Support Page. Mediacom Support page.
  • 2. Select then the You will then have to select the I’m currently an Mediacom Customer option to continue.
  • 3. Go into the Answer Center and choose option “Chat with Us” option.
  • 4. Then you will connect with someone from the department of Customer Service department. You can record your request to revoke Mediacom service.

Cancel Mediacom Over Phone Call

  • 1. You can also end the Mediacom service by making contact with our Customer Service department by a phone contact.
  • 2. Call their support line (855) 633-4226 and you’ll be connected with an agent to discuss your request.
  • 3. Let them know that you would like to end your Mediacom service. Provide the necessary account as well as other details.
  • 4. They will assist you with the cancellation process and send you an email confirmation of cancellation after the cancellation is completed.

How Do I Return My Mediacom Equipment After Cancellation?

If you decide to cancel your Mediacom service after which you are required to return your device to Mediacom. You can send back your equipment in person or send it via post.

Return Mediacom Equipment In Person

  • 1. Return your Mediacom Equipment in person by visiting their office in your area.
  • 2. Take care to put all the equipment into a bag and head to an office in your local Mediacom office close to your home.
  • 3. Contact the person in the office, and inform them that you would like to take back the device.
  • 4. Take your receipts for bills and other receipts if they request them. Transfer the equipment to them and you’re done.

Return Mediacom Equipment Via Mail

  • 1. You can also send back your Mediacom equipment by mail even if there’s no Mediacom office close to you.
  • 2. If you’d like that, the company can offer you a box to store all your equipment and then return it to them. It is necessary to send an email to request the same.
  • 3. You can send your request to and will be required to provide your account number.
  • 4. Go to the official site and send your equipment to the provided address.


Does Mediacom Have A Cancellation Fee?

The answer is yes, Mediacom will charge you an early termination cost or a service cancellation costif you decide to cancel your service before the contract expires. The cancellation fee that will be paid is determined by the duration that you have signed your Mediacom services contract.

How Long Is A Mediacom Contract?

If you decide to purchase Mediacom services, then you enter into a contract with the same. The term that you sign up for on your Mediacom contract may be as short as either one, two, or three years, depending on the length you need. If you decide to end your services before the Contract expires, you'll be paid a fee for early termination depending on the terms of your contract.

How Do I Contact Mediacom Customer Service?

If you have questions regarding the services offered by Mediacom and Mediacom, then you should reach out to Mediacom's Customer Support department to discuss the same. Contact their help line at 1- (855) 633-4226and you'll be connected to a rep to discuss your issue. You can also utilize the live chat feature to talk to an agent via their website.

Wrap Up

Mediacom provides broadband, cable TV as well as other services that connect you to all the internet. If you have bought the plans but are not satisfied or have to cancel due to different reasons, then follow the cancellation procedure that we described earlier in depth. You’ll need in return of your Mediacom equipment following cancellation. the procedure is explained in the previous paragraphs. You can contact their Customer Help department with any relevant questions.