How To Cancel Subscription Online [UPDATE]

There are many tools for background checks on individuals and PeopleLooker offers similar services. However, if you think you no longer require the subscription anymore, then you are able to terminate the service. We can assist you in cancelling Your PeopleLooker subscription.

PeopleLooker as the name implies is a platform allows you to find individuals and conduct background checks on the people you are searching for. You can search for addresses, names, emails, addresses, criminal history, photos, and more. You’ll be assisted accordingly and be able to keep your loved ones in good health.

You can end Your PeopleLooker account online completing the Contact Form and then selecting to cancel Account. You can also cancel your subscription via email to the Customer Service department. You can also call their Customer Service number and staff will cancel your subscription.

Cancel Subscription

How Much Is PeopleLooker membership? PeopleLooker Subscription Trial

You can utilize PeopleLooker to search for information through their monthly subscription. It also offers an initial trial period to users, where they are able to find out more about the platform, its features, as well as all the other benefits that the subscription can offer you. The PeopleLooker trial period lasts for seven days and costs you $1 for the trial period. cost you just $1 for the same time period. If you’re happy with the trial period, you are able to continue with each of the subscription plans that are available.

You can choose the monthly membership plan or the quarterly plan. PeopleLooker’s monthly membership plan offered by PeopleLooker is priced at $22.86/month and you get the benefits for one month. The monthly membership will renew automatically. The three-month membership plan is available at $18.28/month and your membership will renew each three months.

How Can I Cancel My PeopleLooker Subscription?

If you don’t need the PeopleLooker subscription, you can unsubscribe at any time. You can remove your membership via email sent to the customer service or calling to the customer support.

Cancel PeopleLooker Subscription Online Via Contact Form

  • 1. You can also inquire about cancellation questions by contact PeopleLooker via the web.
  • 2. Go to this page to access the page for PeopleLooker’s Contact Information to get started.
  • 3. There will be an easy form in which you can begin your cancellation of your subscription.
  • 4. Then, in the box next to Topic Choose the option to cancel your account. You can also choose any other option if have a different issue.
  • 5. After that, you’ll be asked to provide you with your username as well as an your email address. In the message box, you can record your question or request to revoke Your PeopleLooker subscription.
  • 6. Click then the Submit button after you’ve completed the process and they will assist you with your request in the best way possible.

Cancel PeopleLooker Subscription Via Email

  • 1. You can contact them via email to end your membership.
  • 2. Start the email app on your device, and then write an email.
  • 3. Note down the request to end Your PeopleLooker subscription.
  • 4. Include your details regarding your subscription, as well as any other details and remember to include the 9-digit ID.
  • 5. When you are done, send the email to

Cancel PeopleLooker Subscription Via Phone Call

  • 1. Go to the PeopleLooker Login Pages and Sign into Your account.
  • 2. You can go into in the section Account Information section and look for your membership number from there.
  • 3. If you have an ID in your possession, then you can dial the number for Customer Service at 1-800-218-3309.
  • 4. You will be contacted by a representative and you will be able to ask them to end your membership.
  • 5. You must provide them with your membership ID as well as any other information they request. They’ll assist you in cancelling your membership, and you may request a confirmation email.


Does PeopleLooker Provide A Refund?

It is true that you may get a refund from PeopleLookerbut this company manages refunds on an individual basis. If you're eligible to receive a refund in accordance with their guidelines, then you'll certainly receive one. Contact their Customer Service department for the refund and they will assist you get the refund. They process refunds promptly however, dependent on the banking service of the clients they may require between 10 and 14 days.

How Can I Contact PeopleLooker Customer Service

If you have any doubts or concerns regarding your subscription, or any other matter related to your subscription, PeopleLooker's Customer Service of PeopleLooker is available 24/7 to assist you. You can contact Customer Support by sending an email to You can also contact the support team via phone by calling 800-218-3309. You can also go to their Contact Page, where you can record your question and they'll assist you with your query.

Does People Looker Offer Free Trial? How To Cancel PeopleLooker Free Trial?

It's not exactly an unpaid trial, but PeopleLooker allows users to test out seven days of its services at a cost of just $1. You are able to pay for the trial and benefit from the subscription for approximately seven days, and after that, you'll be debited. If you don't wish to make a payment for the subscription, then you can simply end it in the free trial period, and to do that, you'll be required be able to complete the cancellation procedure that were discussed earlier.

Wrap Up

PeopleLooker can be a tremendous tool to help you find the people you need and to get vital details about the individuals. However, if you’re not happy with the services or do not want to keep search, then you are able to remove your subscription following the steps above for cancellation. Call our Customer Service department with your questions related to the subscription.

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How To Cancel Subscription Online [UPDATE]