Cancel Quick Quack Car Wash Membership Online [UPDATE]

You’ve purchased the vehicle, but what is maintenance? Just like human bodies your car requires regular upkeep. Well!! You have gyms, but what do you do with your vehicle?

A lot of people are simply buying Quick Quack memberships for it. You may also try it for a single time and then cancel at any time should you ever feel that the membership isn’t worth the cost.

Quick Quack is a car wash company that has its headquarters located in Roseville, California. There are more than 100 locations throughout Utah, California, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona. It offers an auto wash subscription service that lets customers enjoy unlimited washes at an annual fee. If you’re moving and need to alter your car wash provider and you want to change your service, then end the Quick Quack membership first.

You can cancel your Quick Quack membership. Visit on the Contact Us Page> Click on “Request Cancel” >complete your cancellation form and submit this form back to the team.

Cancel Quick Quack Car Wash Membership

How To Become A Member Of Quick Quack?

Quick Quack Membership plans begin with $21.99 per month, with 3 different packages available:

  • Good
  • Better
  • Best “The Lucky Duck”

Pricing for each package varies on the location of your “Quick Quack Location”. To find out their prices you must enter your zip code at first.

To join or to join to take advantage of its membership, follow these steps:

  • Visit Quick Quack’s Website
  • Select the car wash you prefer. package
  • In order to sign-up, click on “myQQ” from the top
  • Create an account and register for a new one.
  • Include the “License Number or VIN”

Can I Change My Membership Plan? Yes, you are able to change the membership you have at any point by submitting a form for it. You can also ask a member of the members of the Quick Quack wash team to take care of it.

Can You Cancel Your Quick Quack Membership?

You can change the Quick Quack membership at any anytime by giving a notification at least 10 calendar days prior to your renewal date.

Keep in mind that you’re only responsible for cancelling your membership.

How To Cancel Quick Quack Membership?

If you’re looking to end or cancel your Quick Quack membership, then we’ll tell you this: it’s now simpler to do so.

But, don’t worry!! We’ll soon inform you about several of the best and most efficient ways to terminate your membership quickly and conveniently.

Try these 3 ways to cancel your membership using Quick Quack that are outlined in the following paragraphs:

  • Canceling Via Website
  • Canceling Via Phone Call
  • Canceling Via Email

Let’s look at these techniques step-by-step!

Cancel Quick Quack Membership Online Via Website

Below are some steps you can take to end your membership using the cancellation form available on the website:

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to the end of the page.
  • Hit”Contact Us.” “Contact Us” button.
  • You will be given an application form, fill it in
  • Choose “Request Cancel” from the drop-down menu to”the “Please your issue below section”
  • Input Your “Email Id”
  • Fill in the “License Plate Number”
  • Include “Description” and complete the form.
  • Click”Submit” or click the “Submit” button.

Cancel Quick Quack Membership Via Phone Call

You can also terminate your membership by connecting with their customer service staff over the phone by dialing 800-772-2792 and asking them to terminate your membership. They’ll surely assist you in this.

Cancel Quick Quack Membership Via Email

  • If you’re not a call-oriented person, then you may opt for”email” “email” option to cancel your Quick Quack Membership.
  • In addition, we need to inform you that in comparison to a phone call, sending them an email can take time to terminate your membership. However, it will be completed by cancellation.
  • For this, you just need to email them a proper mail regarding your membership cancelation with all the necessary information about your account and send them to


What Is Quick Quack Refund Policy?

If you decide to cancel your membership in a hurry and before the deadline, there will be no refunds for cancelling your membership. Well!! To simplify things, Quick Quack works with the basis of a non-refundable policy. In the event that Quick Quack itself cancels your membership without motive prior to conclusion of the billing period then in that situation you will have no chances of getting any refund.

Can You Pause Your Quick Quack Membership?

You aren't allowed to stop the quick Quack Membership. The only way to end it is to permanently end the membership.

Is There A Cancellation Fee For Quick Quack?

Yes, there's an cancellation fee in the event that you decide to end your membership. If you decide to cancel or terminate your subscription within the first 45 days of buying it, you'll be charged a the amount of $5 for cancellation.

Does Quick Quack Have An App?

Sure, Quick Quack does have an application that you are able to make use of on your devices. Download the myQQ app on devices and keep you Quick Quack membership there.


Quick Quack operates by implementing an Don’t Drive Dirty policy! They will assume the responsibility for keeping the exterior appearance of your vehicle by cleaning it in the right frequency.

All you have to do is take the unlimited car wash and they’ll also offer you the option of cancelling your subscription at any point without having to pay any cancellation fee.

If you have your car or vehicle you must try the service at a minimum.

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