How To Cancel ViewFreeScore Membership [UPDATE]

ViewFreeScore is a service that offers credit monitoring and provides users with access to their credit reports and scores. While the platform can be beneficial for those looking to keep a close eye on their credit health, circumstances may arise that lead users to consider canceling their membership.

Whether it’s financial constraints, a change in personal circumstances, or simply a shift in preference for another credit monitoring service, canceling your ViewFreeScore membership is a straightforward process.

Cancel ViewFreeScore Membership Via Customer Support Phone Number

ViewFreeScore cancel

You can cancel your Viewfreescore membership anytime by just calling the customer support phone number (866) 460-2315. They are available at the below timing slot.

Monday-Friday: 9 AM – 9 PM EST
Saturday: 9 AM – 4 PM EST
Sunday: 1 PM – 6 PM EST

Before calling customer support make sure you have all the necessary documents with you like Member ID, first & last name, and address used to sign up for a smooth experience.

Viewfreescore Membership Benefits

Here are common membership benefits that users typically expect:

  1. Credit Report Access:
    • Members often have access to their credit reports from major credit bureaus, allowing them to review their credit history, account information, and other relevant details.
  2. Credit Score Monitoring:
    • Members can track changes in their credit scores over time, helping them understand the impact of financial decisions on their creditworthiness.
  3. Credit Score Alerts:
    • The service may provide real-time alerts for significant changes in credit reports or scores, such as new accounts opened, late payments, or other factors that could impact credit health.
  4. Identity Theft Protection:
    • Many credit monitoring services include features to help protect against identity theft, such as monitoring for suspicious activities and providing alerts if potential fraud is detected.
  5. Dark Web Monitoring:
    • Some services extend monitoring to the dark web, where personal information might be traded illicitly. This helps users stay informed if their data is at risk.
  6. Financial Account Monitoring:
    • Users may be able to link their financial accounts for a holistic view of their financial health, including transaction monitoring, spending analysis, and budgeting tools.
  7. Credit Education Resources:
    • Credit monitoring services often provide educational resources to help users understand credit scores, reports, and ways to improve their financial health.
  8. Customer Support:
    • Access to customer support is crucial for addressing any questions or concerns users may have regarding their credit reports, scores, or the service itself.
  9. Secure Platform:
    • Services prioritize the security of users’ sensitive financial information, implementing encryption and other security measures to protect against unauthorized access.
  10. Credit Score Simulation:
    • Some services offer tools to simulate the potential impact of various financial actions on credit scores. This can be helpful for users planning financial decisions.
  11. Credit Monitoring App:
    • Many credit monitoring services provide a mobile app for convenient access to credit information, alerts, and other features on the go.


Q. Is there any online way to cancel?

A. No. you need to contact their support service to cancel your membership.

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